About Us

BrookBurg & Co was founded in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. BrookBurg is a collective to support humble beginnings and quality life. Our collective brings together farmers, makers, and marketers in a unique way to create business for all of them that gives them more financial independence.

We source our CBD products from small and family-owned businesses that portray a sense of integrity, loyalty, and true passion for what they do. This is in turn has directly and immediately helped the small businesses we source from gain exposure and support nationwide.

Our Makers

Our soap is hand-made by The Dorian Family in Northwest Indiana. This has been their passion since the early 2000s. The family's original organic shea butter-based recipe is the one that they still use and love everyday! They pride themselves on procuring only the richest natural ingredients for their soaps. With each batch handmade as their business has grown, they continue to enjoy providing our BrookBurg family with the highest quality products. 

Our CBD and hemp infused dried-fruit is sourced from Catalyst Brand Development. They are a small family-owned farm based out of Portland, Oregon. Jason & Christine started their business a few years ago and are working everyday to come up with new products for their beloved customers. The dried fruit is handpicked at a local farmers' market weekly and infused with their cultivated hemp oils. Every part of their process is hands-on. They continue to go above and beyond to innovate and find new products our BrookBurg Family will love.