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Retail Partnership - Free Display Included

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If you are interested in a partnership to start sharing our products in your area or a role in helping us grow; then please let us know about your collaborative ideas! 

Become a Retailer: As a Retailer you can receive your products at a discounted rate upfront. You also get the opportunity to have a hand-crafted retail display for free!

50mg CBD Bath Bombs @ 35% of Retail Cost = $4.20/each
Recommended Retail Cost $9.99

50mg CBD Soaps @ 35% of Retail Cost = $3.50/each
Recommended Retail Cost $7.99

Our personal restocking is a part of our service while we are in the beta testing stages of creating retail partnerships. Our Community Engagement Manager will visit every 30-60 Days or as needed. This will allow us both to learn how to improve the overall experience for our partners and your customers.